Talstar Review

Pests are a nuisance, whether they are indoors or outdoors, but even stubborn pests can be dealt with by Talstar insecticides. This Talstar Review is going to discuss it all.

Coming from trustworthy manufacturers of FMC Global Specialty Solutions, it has effective results. The Talstar P or Talstar Pro works to get rid of over 75 different pest species for a long time. 

Talstar Review

Generally, farmers use it to increase their crops, but now it’s available for indoor spaces as well. All you have to know is that Talstar is a liquid-concentrated insecticide with Bifenthrin as an active ingredient. You can use it for lawn maintenance and pest control. To know more about its uses, read our full guide. In a hurry? Jump to the final words for an overview. After using Talstar for years, here is our take on Talstar insecticide review:

About Talstar Insecticide: 

About Talstar insecticide

It comes in two forms, liquid Talstar Pro solution and powder Talstar granular insecticide. With 7.9% Bifenthrin as an active ingredient in a 1 Gallon bottle of Talstar Pro, you get strong results. The solution just works like any other synthetic pyrethroid, but the effects are magical.  It weakens the nervous system of pests which leads to their death. 

The best part is you can use it as a fogging mosquito insecticide or yard spray. All 75 types of pests, including ants, spiders, arachnids, and other insects, can be taken care of with the regular use of Talstar. Ultimately, you get a clear and pest-free lawn or area.  

How to Use it?


Before jumping to get started, wear safe clothing like gloves, eye protection, and a mask. This is not safe for the skin, and all types of contact should be avoided. Always read the safety measures and wear adequate clothing before using.

How to use it


To apply it, you need to dilute it. Also, use a spray bottle or mister for easy application. The ratio of dilution is different depending on the area and scale of infestation. Usually, one gallon of water solution is enough for 1000 square feet area so let us give you the ratio accordingly, 

  • Plants infestation: Just dilute 1 fluid ounce in one gallon of water and add the solution to a spray bottle. Spray it on flowers, bushes, and trees while wearing a mask. 
  • Mild soil infestation: Adding 0.5 fluid ounces in one gallon of water is enough. 
  • Indoor infestation: The same ratio should be applied for indoor treatments; spray the 0.5 fluid ounce solution in cracks and crevices. 
  • Bad infestation: If the infestation is severe or nasty, add 1 fluid ounce per gallon of water. Do not add more than 1 fluid ounce per gallon, no matter how bad the infestation is. 
  • Fire ants: To get rid of fire ants, just use Talstar Granular insecticide, which is different from the liquid one. You just apply this powder on your lawns and soil outdoors, and it gets rid of fire ants in only 15 minutes! 
  • Other: Caterpillars, clover mites, and Bluegrass weevils only need 0.25 ounces per gallon of water, 
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Why Should You Get Talstar Insecticide?

We always go for quality, and Talstar serves just that; here are some reasons why Talstar is the best pesticide for you. 

Why should you get Talstar insecticide

Long-lasting effects 

Based on the type of pest, the effects can last for more than three months. Also, don’t just wash the lawn or area right away, as it will reduce the effects. It gets washed away, so wait for 24 hours before waiting so that you get long-lasting results. Out of all the pesticides we have used, Talstar possesses one of the longest residual durations in soil. 

Scientifically proved

According to the University of Hawaii, the Talstar can be used to treat myoporum thrip. It lowers 77% of mosquitos thanks to Bifenthrin. You can use it with others to enhance the results. In a  study at the University of Gujrat in Pakistan, Talstar pesticide mixed with an insecticide based on imidacloprid was found to have the highest death rate, with 68% after 24 hours and 95% after 72 hours. 

Variety of uses 

From fleas to termites, Talstar is one solution for all types of pests in soil or indoors. Upon applying it to our lawn, we saw no caterpillars, ants, clover mites, spiders, beetles, and even bees. We sprayed it inside crevices of walls with a termite infestation, and we saw great results. 

Variety of uses

Professional grade results 

Many professional exterminators have also recommended this. Pest controllers will love using it to treat all types of effective infestations. It’s trusted and tested by many, including us so using it to make a profit is not a bad idea. 

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Odorless and stainless 

Another reason for its efficiency is that it has no smell and leaves no stains. This allows you to use it in indoor perimeters without any caution. Although it takes effect in 30 minutes, you will not smell any annoying scents. And we don’t recommend using this on beds or sheets, even if it’s stainless. 

Be Cautious!  

Bifenthrin is known to be toxic, and Talstar has a heavy amount of that, so it should not be inhaled at any cost. Pets and bees are not safe from this, and it even affects aquatic organisms. We won’t recommend leaving your pets or children in a freshly treated area. 

Make sure you wait for half an hour for it to dry; then, it’s safe. It can’t be used on food crops; never do hand labor after treatment for at least 12 hours. Don’t burn wood that is treated with Talstar solution for a month.

Alternative options 

We found Talstar best as it took care of all pests, leaving none, but if you have specific pest options. Then here are some alternative options that are not as effective as Talstar, but you get great results for some pests. 

Demand CS Insecticide 

Demand CS Insecticide

The results of Demand CS only last for two months, but it can be used indoors and outdoors. By using the active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin, it can get rid of a great number of pests, but not as many as Talstar. Overall, it’s a good cheap alternative. 

Demon Max insecticide 

Demon Max insecticide

Featuring 25% Cypermethrin, it can eliminate 30 pest species, including termites. It’s great for mosquitoes as well. For people who only have problems mainly concerning mosquitoes and termites, then this is a good alternative. 

Bayer Polyzone 

Bayer Polyzone

If you want a low-toxic insecticide for your kitchen, Bayer Polyzone Suspend Pint Insecticide is the one for you. Luckily, it contains 4.75% deltamethrin in its formulation that can be used without risk in restaurants, coffee shops, kitchens, greenhouses, hospitals, and other places that handle food. You get results for up to two months which is not bad. 


What is the price of the Talstar solution?

Talstar P typically costs around $45, though this price may alter as the product and the pesticide market grows.

When Does Talstar Start Working?

Working with Talstar can take up to 25–30 minutes. Nevertheless, it depends on the kind of bug and how long it takes for it to reach the treated region. Fire ants will be killed rapidly, whereas larger pests, like scorpions, cockroaches, spiders, etc., will take a day. 

Is Talstar safe for pets?

After it’s completely dry, it’s safe for pets to play in treated areas. But do not let your pets swallow it. 

How Can Talstar Be Used For Bed Bugs?

When treating bed bugs, use a stronger solution, such as 1 fluid ounce of Talstar in one gallon of water, and spray it into all cracks and crevices where bed insect evidence can be found. Do not use it on the bed or furniture.

Final words 

To keep crawling bugs out of your home or other facilities, spray the outdoor boundary with Talstar. Additionally, you can use this insecticide to treat your kitchen or other areas in your house to get rid of insects, including ants, fleas, roaches, and stinky or bed bugs. You can use it for all types of infestation regardless of scale, but if it’s more than 1000 square feet infested area, we advise calling professional pest control. 

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