Top 10 Pest Prevention Tips

Top 10 Pest Prevention Tips

Whether you’re dealing with rodents, insects, or even wildlife, all pests have a few things in common- they must have water, food and isolated nesting space.  Eliminate one or more of the three, and you can corner the pest and force it out of your home. Occasionally, it may not be this simple, but you can still do things to discourage and prevent pest activities. Educate yourself on the outward signs of pests and take action.

Tip 1- Trim it Down

Trim all your trees to create at least 3-5 feet of space between them and your roofline. This puts space between you and critters such as squirrels, raccoons and roof rats that may try to enter the attic by way of close hanging branches. Bushes should be maintained at one foot from your exterior walls. You can “shape” bottom of the bushes to promote air circulation around the foundation of your home.

Image of a pest walking through an attic

Tip 2 – Inspect for Leaks

The attic is a pests’ favorite spot! It’s a warm, dry and undisturbed space. Inspect your roof for leaks, pests who nest in the attic will thrive on the smallest water source!

Tip 3 – Check the Gutters

Make sure that all your downspouts and gutters are functioning to divert water away from your foundation. Another prime location for pest infestation is the basement. Standing water that collects at the foundation will likely seep into the basement through some crevice and provide a water source for pests. Fix this by correcting your exterior drainage system.

Tip 4 – Move the Firewood

All that firewood you’ve been saving? Don’t stack or store it against your foundation! This is a common household mistake. It will provide food for wood eating insect pests, capture water and could be hiding rodent entry-points.  Keep the woodpile in the yard, far from the house!

A rodent, or pest, coming up through a cack in the floorboards between the floor and the wall

Tip 5 – Seal All Entry Points

One of the most effective ways to pest-proof your home to have professionals inspect your home for any cracks, holes, or crevices that could be points of entry for pests. A rat can enter through a hole ½ inch in diameter and a mouse can squeeze through a hole ¼ inch in diameter! The Green Rat Control team is skilled in this area. They will find any construction and utility gaps in your foundation, as well as any other holes made by pests or weathering over time. They will seal the gaps with steel to keep pests out!

Tip 6 – Keep a Clean Kitchen

Clean any food left overs and crumbs from your kitchen and dining areas as soon as possible.  Don’t leave dirty dishes sitting out for long periods of time. Clean dishes, pots and pans daily after use. Rodents like rats and mice like to nest close to food sources; they prefer grain foods and can gnaw through plastic bags. Keep food stored properly in the refrigerator, upper cabinets, and tightly sealed storage containers. Rodents in the kitchen are very dangerous because they are known to chew on appliance wires, which can lead to an electrical fire. Cut off their food supply and force those pests out.

Tip 7 – Seal Pet food

If you have pets in your home, it’s important to keep your pet food sealed and stored n a hard plastic or metal tamperproof container. Inside pests. such as mice and rats, are attracted to pet food. Correct storage will eliminate the problem.


Tip 8 – Check Vents

Check your vents at the foundation to see if they are secure and ventilating correctly. If your crawl space is naturally damp, you can reduce airborne moisture by installing a plastic vapor barrier.

Tip 9 – Sealed Tight

Make sure all exterior doors and windows are sealed tight!

Tip 10 – Contract Professionals

Pest proofing your home requires many steps and expertise. To get the job done right get ahold of your local experts at Green Rat Control. Their pest proofing services are the best on the market!

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