Top 3 Signs of Damaged Insulation in Your Attic

Top 3 Signs of Damaged Insulation in Your Attic

Insulation is the fluffy material that pads the inside of the walls and attic in a home. When doing its job properly, it absorbs some of the cold air that passes through during the winter to keep a home warmer. Insulation can also keep warm air inside from escaping, keeping the house at a regulated temperature. If your insulation is damaged in any way, your house is wasting heat. A typical home wastes a considerable amount of energy due to ineffective insulation, and has the potential for saving 11% on total energy costs by revamping and replacing old and damaged insulation in the attic! Check out to learn more about saving money and energy with new attic insulation.

So how can you tell if your attic insulation is damaged or ineffective? It can be difficult if you don’t know the warning signs. Read this guide to see if your insulation is up to energy efficiency standards- it pays to find out!

A house with snow and ice coming off the roof

1. Ice Build Up

Start your investigation outside. One the easiest signs of insulation damage to identify is regular ice build up on your roof. If your home has the right quality insulation, air will circulate properly around the house. In winter months, this will cause warm air will melt any ice or snow on the roof. But if you have poor or damaged insulation, the temperature at the top of the house will not be regulated. Ice and snow to melt and then freeze again, leading to a buildup of ice on the roof.

2. Indoor Drafts

Find yourself shivering or shielding yourself with an extra blanket from indoor drafts? This could be another sign of worn-down or damaged insulation. Winter wind is brutal. When it whips against your home, insulation is what protects you from its icy chil. If parts of your insulation are ineffective, the winds will permeate your shield, and then you get a cold suction effect. The indoor draft is essentially this cold air pushing its way in and sucking your warm air out.

Man wearing hazmat suit cleaning an attic infested with rodents

3. Rodent Infestation

The worst type of insulation damage comes in the form of rodent infestation. Rodents, such as roof rats and house mice, nesting in the attic is a very common household problem. Unfortunately it is a problem that usually goes unnoticed because people rarely go in the attic, let alone clean it. Rodents will burrow into insulation, shredding it, to make nests. This is enough to destroy insulation, rendering it ineffective. But it get’s worse. Rodent dropping and urine will contaminate insulation with dangerous infectious diseases. To find out more about these health hazards visit This is the worst case scenario when it comes to damaged insulation. In the event of a rodent infestation, contact the Green Rat Control team, your local experts. Rodents, rodent waste, and all contaminated insulation, is only to be handled and removed by professionals who have the proper gear and training.

Whether you’re interested in having your insulation assessed, replaced, or are concerned that you may have contaminated insulation, the Green Rat Control professionals can help. They are the experts in replacing damaged installation and restoring your attic to an energy efficient condition. Visit to see how they can meet all your needs.

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