What Happens When a Pigeon Tests Its Luck on a Rat

What Happens When a Pigeon Tests Its Luck on a Rat

Oversized rats, mice, and rodents of all sorts are a nuisance (and quite a scare) to many citizens of California. The clicking of their nails rustling around in the attic pricks subtle annoyance in your head; the cheese that they steal slowly crazes your mind; spotting a fat rat scurrying across the living room overwhelms you with pure creepiness.

If that’s not enough reason to call rat control, imagine worse:

What happens when of these big suckers attacks an innocent pigeon, like in the horrifying video below where a NYC rat battles a pigeon until its (assumed) brutal death. The size of the rat is disturbingly large, and the insidious way it nibbles on the pigeon’s wings is hard to believe. There is barely a competition.

Watch under your own discretion

To spiral further down the path of musophobia (the understandable phobia of rats or mice), this is not the first time that a rat murdered birds. In a 2007 study, ten mice were caught on camera mauling little chicks, eating them as they screamed alive.

What if the chicks were your newly born pets Lily, Stella and Mary, or that pigeon was actually Pet Penny learning how to fly? Indeed, some people choose to own rats as their pets, but that doesn’t justify condoning the trauma that rodents may incite on your own home – and that rat-owner probably isn’t you.

Don’t let rats slay your pets, scratch your floors, and wreak havoc in your backyards. You deserve a peaceful, rodent and disease-free life. To take care of your rodent dilemma, including eliminating possible disease and stenches brought about by rodents with Green Rat Control.

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