What is Attic Cleaning?

What is Attic Cleaning?

You have a rodent infestation, and now you’re kicking yourself for not taking better care of your attic. “I regularly clean my attic once a month,” said no one, ever. Don’t beat yourself up, you are in the majority. Most people don’t have the time or the know-how to thoroughly clean an attic space. Luckily, you don’t need to seek out a separate service to tackle this task. Rodent control experts, like the ones at Green Rat Control, are skilled in attic clean-up. You can kill two birds with one stone- getting your rodent infestation eliminated and getting a professional clean-up that will help prevent future rodent problems. Save yourself time and money by visiting https://greenratcontrol.com/attic-care/attic-cleaning-services/.

Man performing an attic cleaning service, or attic inspection

Why do I need professionals to perform Attic Cleaning?

For starters, service professionals will do an assessment of your attic. Attic cleaning is a customized service and your treatment will be specific to the needs of your space. Rodent waste is known to damage wood and drywall, and increase mold growth. Attic cleaning is not simply a surface job! It is best left to service professionals with the skills and tools.

Debris, rodent droppings, dead rodent carcasses, and insulation damage that result from an infestation, are a recipe for a very dangerous mess. You should not attempt to sanitize the space yourself. Rodent droppings carry diseases that humans can catch, and these diseases are not only transmitted through touching rodent feces- they can be airborne as well. Airborne dust from dried droppings can be a contributor to respiratory diseases, including hantavirus. Don’t risk your health by exposing yourself to these dangers. Professionals have the proper protective suits and gear to combat these hazards safely.

What does Attic Cleaning Involve?

  1. The first step in attic cleaning is clearing out debris. This includes: any unwanted storage items, garbage, dust and dirt, and all rodent waste.
  2. Next, professionals will remove any materials damaged or contaminated by rodent urine, feces, and tunneling. This includes: insulation, vapor barrier, and old foundation forms.
  3. When debris and hazardous materials have been removed, it’s time to sanitize with professional-grade disinfectant!
  4. Rodent infestation leaves a terrible odor! The fourth step is to completely deodorize the space. This is an important step because it will make your home less attractive to other rodents and can reduce risk for re-entry.
  5. Finally, it’s time to replace the old with new, clean materials!

For more information on critical steps in the attic clean-up and sanitation process, see https://greenratcontrol.com/attic-care/attic-cleanup-sanitation/.

A roll of insulation during an attic cleaning service

Attic Cleaning & Replacement of Materials

Rodents nest in insulation; the insulation becomes shredded and cannot hold heat, and is also usually contaminated due to rodent urine and feces. Service professionals remove the hazardous and ineffective insulation- but now what? Now it’s time to put your sanitized space back together with new insulation. Green Rat Control specialists are skilled in every area on this spectrum of services- from rodent removal, to attic sanitation, and even installing new insulation. You don’t need to look ay further for qualified and licensed professionals to put your attic back together, good as new.

No more noises in the night of scuttling in the attic! When your attic is restored to it’s optimal condition, you will rest easy with the peace of mind that you are clean and rodent free!

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