Why Laying Traps Just Isn’t Enough

Why Laying Traps Just Isn’t Enough

Has your attic become over-run and infested with rats? Do you hear scratching inside the walls? Is your kitchen displaying tell-tale signs of a house mouse sneaking around- gnaw marks on food containers, chewed electrical wiring? Your first instinct is probably to stock up on some traps for those pests. But you should pause before you make that purchase. A DIY approach to rodent control might see like the more budget-friendly fix, but in the long run it’ll cost you.

Image of a rat trap package of two traps

For starters, rodent control traps and devices (when they are effective) only a temporary fix to one piece of a much bigger problem. When you successfully trap a mouse in the kitchen, you may feel a sense of victory- but you are also lulled into a false sense of security. Did you really think there was just one mouse? Don’t be naive, you only trapped the one you could see. Where there’s one there’s more- a whole nest more to be exact. A female mouse can produce up to 60 babies a year! What you need is a permanent solution. Contacting Green Rat Control, your local specialists, is the way to go. They can locate and exterminate all the rodents residing in your home and then take steps to rodent-proof your space. Traps won’t seal up rodent entry points, but professional rodent proofing can effectively prevent future invasion.

Rats and mice are nocturnal. They only travel in a small radius from their nests and do so at night while you’re asleep. The chances of you catching them in the act during waking hours are slim to none. Besides being on a nocturnal schedule, rodents are incredibly smart. Rats especially are very cautious creatures. They’ll notice anything new in their environment (like a trap) and avoid it at all costs. Thought you’d lay the trap in the path of their hole, forcing them out? Rodents are adept climbers, and can gnaw and burrow through almost any material. They won’t be deterred!

Laying traps just isn’t enough to get a rodent infestation under control. This is not a DIY home improvement project. You are in a battle for your living space, and to protect the health and safety of your family. A major reason why traps won’t cut it is because health hazards and contamination will be left behind even after the rodents are gone. Rodent droppings carry contagious diseases and should only be handled and removed by professionals. Anything stained with rodent urine- especially attic insulation- is also contaminated and needs to be removed.

A man wearing a hazmat suit is decontaminating an attic

Some viruses carried by rodents can even become airborne; rodent control specialists wear professional protect suits and masks when they combat these hazards. You can’t trap all the health hazards rodents leave in their path. For your safety it is imperative that you hire professionals for animal waste removal and decontamination services. The Green Rat Control team will safely remove all contaminated material, deep clean your space to sanitize it and then can install new insulation if any was damaged.

Finally, don’t forget about the smell! No trap will get rid of the terrible stench of a rodent nest! Chances are Febreeze isn’t going to cut it. For a powerful solution, read more about odor removal services. If you’re ready to save money and get serious about eliminating your rodent problem, team up with your local experts to tackle all aspects of the job!

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