Why You Should Hire The Pros for Attic Insulation Services

Why You Should Hire The Pros for Attic Insulation Services

Have you recently purchased a home? Or are you living in an older home? Whether you are just starting your homeowner journey, or have been living in your home for many years, you likely know that there are many important facets to effective home maintenance. When you first buy a home there are many inspections to be done, and having the attic insulation checked by professionals should be at the top of your list. Even if you’ve been living in your home for a while, you should have the insulation checked out about every three years.

What is insulation?

Why? Because insulation is an unseen, but a very important part of your home’s make-up. Properly installed attic insulation retains the heat that rises and travels up through your home, helping to regulate and maintain a cozy and comfortable temperature throughout the seasons all year long. Shabby, shoddy DIY, or just plain poor craftsmanship can sabotage the vital role that insulation plays in your household.A home being line with attic insulation.

There is no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to proper insulation. To begin to understand attic insulation, we’ll identify a few of the different most common types:

  • BLANKET INSULATION: Made of Fiberglass, Mineral wool, Plastic fibers, or Natural fibers, this inexpensive type of insulation is most commonly used on unfinished walls and works best in spaces that are relatively free from obstructions.
  • CONCRETE BLOCK INSULATION: Usually used in new construction, concrete block is a foam board style insulation. Installing concrete block insulation requires special skills, and should not be attempted as a DIY project.
  • RIGID FOAM INSULATION: Acceptable for unfinished walls and floors, rigid foam is made of Polystyrene, Polyisocyanurate and Polyurethane materials. One advantage of rigid foam is that you get high insulating value for relatively little thickness.
  • LOOSE-FILL AND BLOWN-IN INSULATION: Probably the most common home insulation, loose-fill style insulation is really handy for hard to reach places, such as an enclosed existing wall or unfinished attic floors. It is literally blown or poured in using special equipment- you’ll need a contractor for this job!
  • REFLECTIVE SYSTEM: If your attic looks like it is covered in tin foil, then you have what is known as the reflective system. This insulation’s bubble-form can be ideal if your framing is off-kilter or if obstacles are in the way.

Without the right type of professionally installed attic insulation, heat will escape right through your attic and ceiling. Basically, you’d be throwing away money! In the average American home, a little less than half (44%) of the energy used goes toward either heating or cooling, estimates the US Department of Energy. By replacing old insulation you can conserve energy and money. Potentially, your household could reduce heating bills by 10% to 50%!

Not Worth the Risk

To be honest, unless you have extensive knowledge or training in insulation installation or care, you probably aren’t qualified to assess the current state of your attic insulation or select the best type of insulation to install.Attempting to DIY an attic insulation project can be costly and hazardous. Unkempt or outdated attic insulation has often been damaged by moisture or wetness, mold, shredding, termites or other inspects, even rodent nests or droppings.

Insulation damage doesn’t just make the insulation useless and ineffective. The bigger problem is that some types of damage can become health hazards to you and your family. Attic spaces are commonly invaded and infested by rodents. Think you’d know if you had a rodent infestation? Think again. Sneakily and silently, rodents enter through cracks in the roof and will shred attic insulation to make a place to nest. Insulation is often contaminated with rodent droppings and urine that carry infectious diseases that can even become airborne! Learn more about the unseen health hazards that could be contaminating your insulation.

Only trained professionals with proper protective gear and tools should handle the removal of hazardous attic insulation that could be possibly be carrying infectious diseases. If you were to begin stripping away or tearing down old insulation without first getting a professional consult, you could inadvertently send contamination airborne. Serious respiratory problems can be caused and spread this way.

This is truly an accident waiting to happen. If you have small children in the home, it could be very dangerous. Don’t take the risk, it isn’t worth it. For the your own safety, and for your loved ones, make the responsible choice and consult with pros on your next attic insulation project.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Home maintenance and care can be very time consuming- especially if you try to take on too much. Sure, there are small tasks that you can learn and master relatively easily- replacing the air filters, monitoring the sump pump, checking the water softener,

But we’ve all had those times when we bit off more than we could chew. The time you thought you could fix the leak yourself, only to wind up with a bigger plumbing disaster and a huge bill? Or the time you spent the weekend trying to aerate the lawn yourself, only to end up completely damaging your yard and calling in the landscapers to set it right? Installing attic insulation is one of those projects that’ll most likely be out of your depth.

To successfully assess, install or replace attic insulation you’d have to make a big time investment. Of course it all depends on the size of your space and your needs, but a team of pros can get the job done quickly- usually in about 2 hours! But professionals already have the necessary training and experience in the techniques required. For an inexperienced novice, an attic insulation project could take weeks.

First you’d need to spend an extensive amount of time doing your research- What are your needs? Is there existing damage? What are the hazards? Then, you’ll spend time inspecting and trying to assess your own existing attic space. Add on time trying to determine the right type of insulation and time teaching yourself the all the steps involved in installing that insulation. Then there’s time for the actual manual labor involved. Are you worn out just thinking about it yet??

Call in the professionals at Green Rat Control and get this project knocked out in a single Saturday afternoon. Save your time and energy! Don’t even worry about the junk or trash up there in your attic- the pros will remove it for you, free of charge as part of their service.Professional at attic insulation and cleaning.

Guarantee that it’s Done Right

Attic insulation is a key part of a smoothly operating home system. You don’t want to be left wondering if it’s doing it’s job. There’s just too much at stake- the health of your family, and your energy bill, to name a few things.

When it comes to home improvement, plumbing is best left to plumbers, and wiring is best left to electricians. When you want the peace of mind and the guarantee that it’s done right, attic insulation is best left to the experts.

Realistically, even with the best intentions and carefully laid plans, most DIY attic insulations projects go wrong. You can avoid frustration, and wasting time and money and get the job done right the first time by hiring professionals.

The team at Green Rat Control have been providing high-quality attic services for over 20 years. Go for full service- professional grade cleaning, deodorizing and insulation installation. You can feel safe and secure in your own home again after a job well done.

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